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    Aspects of a lexical and grammatical analysis of I'm not invited? (Bluthenthal 2003)
    This MS PowerPoint file was used to accompany a short presentation (in German) of aspects of a linguistic analysis of Diana Cain Bluthenthal's illustrated children's book I'm not invited? (Simon & Schuster, 2003) on the occasion of a meeting of EULE project team members, a primary school teacher, and students on 18 Jan 2017. The objective of the meeting was to prepare for a reading workshop to be held in March 2017 with a class of 4th form primary school pupils. For the purposes of the reading workshop and the preparation for it in English language classes with the pupils at school, a shortened version of Bluthenthal's text was prepared. Slides 2-6 of the MS PowerPoint presentation as well as the data in the accompanying MS Excel file are based on this shortened version. The reference to I'm not invited? on slide 1 is based on an extract of it that was selected and modified in the same way as were the texts for the SCETCH and FLOWN corpora. The graph on slide 1 locates this extract of the text (represented by the black triangle) within the posterior probabilities plot derived from a linear discriminant analysis applied to SCETCH and FLOWN as described and discussed in my "Lexical and syntactic complexity of narrative English texts for children versus for adults: computational and corpus-based approaches to a comparison" (see here).

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